Meet Katie- Your Body Back blogger!

Over the next 8 weeks I am excited to have Katie share her Body Back journey with us! Katie is a long time stroller strides member and first time Body Backer! If you would like to learn more about Katie, check out her M.O.M. blog post!

If you aren't familiar with body back it is our no kids, 8 week, High Intensity Interval Training Program. We provide nutrition guides, recipe books, a closed support group, at home digital workouts to supplement our twice weekly in person workouts with a trained instructor!

The first meeting we do a meet and greet and go over the above guides and also set goals for the 8 weeks!

Below is what Katie had to say about that first week and getting geared up for Body Back!


Katie and boys

Mine, all mine! Body Back is all mine!

Unfortunately, I can't remember the last time I did something like this. Something just for me. I've had the overnight girls weekend, occasional mom's night out, and rare day at the spa. Each instance was wonderful and relaxing, and much needed at the time, but the effects were never lasting. More often than not, I was tossed back into mom-life at full speed with just a fleeting memory of my respite. Rest and relaxation is nice, but what I needed was rejuvenation!

Enter Body Back. As I began thinking about joining the spring session of Fit4Mom's Body Back, the more I wanted to do it. It has been 4 long years of trying to get pregnant, being pregnant, giving birth to and nourishing two boys, all with my body. This was my time to take a breath. This was my time to have my body do something just for me.

Walking into our first class, I was both excited to get going on "Project Katie", but also a little anxious not knowing exactly what I'd gotten myself into. During this session, we received an overview of the program and talked a lot about goals. This is the kind of program where you get out of it what you put into it, so goals are very important. My overall goal is to "feel better." I want to have more energy, feel more comfortable in my post-baby body, and gain some strength. With the guidance of our instructor Gretchen and the Body Back Nutrition Guide, I was able to construct more specific goals centered around eating better and working-out more regularly. I really liked that we were pushed to be as honest with ourselves as we could, but in a safe and supportive environment.

I'm most excited to get into meal planning and utilizing the nutrition guide. I know this going to be a struggle to take the extra time (and who has extra time?!) to lay out a plan for the week, prep meals ahead of time, and make strategic grocery shopping trips, but I'm up to the challenge! Luckily, I have a husband that is on-board, a three-and-a-half year-old that will be upping his fruit and veggie intake (whether he's ready or not), and a nursing six-month-old who will be trying lots of new foods right along with us.

With that, let the adventure begin!