Katie's Body Back Journey-Week 7

I’m rounding the bend into my final week of Body Back and I’ve got to tell you, I feel great!

In general, I’m feeling much more energetic and fit. I’m fitting into clothes that I haven’t touched since before baby was born. I’m consistently choosing healthier food options. My mood it largely more positive and upbeat. And on top of that, others seem to be noticing, too! My yoga instructor, just this week, pulled me over after class and told me how much stronger I looked during certain poses. All this hard work really is paying off!

I’m eager to see the numbers after our final assessments are complete, but at this point it’s really not about the numbers. What I’m most happy about is how my journey seems to have rubbed off onto those around me.

For one, my family is more active. My husband has always been athletic, but the winter months take a toll on all of us and getting back into a routine of working out is slow going in the spring. Since I’ve started Body Back, he’s resumed his running routine and begun building his strength back up. My mom has also shared with me how she’s upped her fitness routine, walking to/from the gym instead of her usual drive. I also have very active nephews and it’s been fun discussing workouts with them and having them talk to my oldest about eating in terms of energy and fuel. I love that fitness is contagious in our family, as I want my boys to be surrounded by healthy role models throughout their life.

Henry has also taken notice of my workout boost. He has always enjoyed coming to Stroller Strides classes but hadn’t seen me workout on my own very much until Body Back began. Now he’s wishing me luck each time I leave the house for a “no kids, only moms” workout class and loves to join in on my workouts at home. I love that both of my boys are seeing me take time for myself, doing something I really enjoy, and becoming strong. My hope is that modeling healthy habits early in their lives will instill their desire for lifelong fitness.

I also really enjoy talking about Body Back with my fellow Fit4Mom mamas. During Stroller Strides and Mom’s Night Out events, it’s been fun sharing my fitness journey and how I’ve been able to fit Body Back into my family’s schedule and accountability tips I’ve learned along the way. I remember how daunting this program seemed before I began, and I will gladly share how I’ve found a balance and made it work for us.

Drastically changing your diet is daunting, but eating more fruits and veggies at each day is doable. Adding one more workout or active day to your week seems like a much easier task then just saying, “I need to start running.” I’ve found for me that writing things down in a $3 daily planner from Target helped me stay accountable and on track throughout Body Back. At the end of each week, I’d reflect upon my eating habits, my workout routine, and my water intake and mentally make a goal for the coming week. Such a small change, taking just a few minutes to jot info down each day, really made a big difference for me. Here’s to my planner taking me through the homestretch and, more importantly, on into the summer!