Katie's Body Back Experience, week 3!

This week I really feel like I’m getting into the groove. Nutritious options are finding their way onto my plate more automatically and workouts seem to fit into my daily schedule more easily. I’ve also noticed that I’m having less conversations in my head about what to eat vs. what not to eat, and whether or not I want to get moving and be active. My healthy routine is becoming more established.

I’ve always been a pretty healthy person when it comes to meals, yet snacking is where my good intentions run astray. Having a new baby and a busy three-year-old at home, I found myself eating whatever was on-hand, whenever I got the chance. And these on-hand snacks were pre-packaged goodies suited for a three-year-old’s palate. I was telling myself that since I was nursing I needed the extra calories, but really it was an excuse to be lazy. Since I’ve started Body Back, I’ve coached myself to think before I reach for a snack, asking myself “is this the best option available?” Now I’ve gotten into the routine of prepping fresh fruits and veggies ahead of time so they are readily available, having bags of trail mix in each of our vehicles ready for on-the-go snacking, and simply not buying the less-healthy snacks. If cheese crackers and cookies aren’t in the house, I won’t try to eat them!

Thank goodness that spring has finally agreed to stay! This change in the weather has played a huge factor in upping my activity level. I’ve never been one to enjoy working out indoors, so it was always so much harder for me to stay active in the winter. Since the last snowfall (sadly not that long ago), I’ve made it a point to get outside and be active almost every day – digging in the garden, going for a run, chasing bubbles around the yard or an evening walk with the family. Adding these activities to the two Body Back classes scheduled each week, my weekly yoga class and usually a Friday Stroller Strides class, I’m booked!

In general, I’m feeling the positive effects of making more healthy choices. It’s also becoming easier and easier to make those choices. I can only imagine what I will feel like at the end of these eight weeks?!