Katie's Body Back experience- week 1

Walking into class on Monday, the room was filled with a nervous excitement. It was assessment night. I was not looking forward to getting weighed and measured, but I was excited knowing that any improvement I made throughout this process could be pointed back to this night. What I was really looking forward to were those smaller numbers and (hopefully) more toned "after" photographs!

In order to capture a full picture of our "before" selves, we also completed various timed exercises to get a baseline for our physical abilities, such as the number of push-ups completed in a minute and how long you can hold a plank. We counted for ourselves and recorded our own numbers, so my anxiety about trying to complete with my neighbor quickly disappeared. The only true competitive feeling that lingered was that of competing with my future self. This was a competition that I planned on winning.

This positive feeling flowed into our first full workout class on Thursday. First of all, we were outside! Gretchen could have had us run wind-sprints for the next 59 minutes and I'm sure I'd still be pretty uppity. Despite the lack of wind-sprints, it was a really good workout! As we moved from core work into stretching, I said out loud to my neighbor, "we're done already?!" Even though my body felt the effects, I couldn't believe that almost an hour had passed. I'm used to tending to littles in between exercises during a Stroller Strides class and I was pleasantly surprised at how much more I could accomplish when just worrying about myself.

I'm a planner, list maker, and rule follower, so creating and using a meal plan was right up my alley! I really enjoyed mapping out the week, not just for myself, but also for my family. The anxiety I usually felt around 4 o'clock in the afternoon was gone. The age old question of " what should we have for dinner" was already answered. All I needed to do was execute.

Next week I'm looking forward to continuing my attention to nutrition planning, as well as upping my own workout time, as this is one of my goals for the program. I'm really good at working out when I have a class to attend, but if left alone, I need a lot more self-motivation to make it happen.