Katie is 6 weeks in! Thoughts from Body Back

This was your typical week of running between activities, balancing schedules, and squeezing in family meals. Busy, busy, busy. Luckily, some of my new practices are becoming habit and have begun to make their way into our regular routine. Meal planning has been happening consistently, as well as making sure we have healthy snacks on-hand for all of us whenever we hop in the car.

In general, I find that I’m snacking less and when I do feel like a snack, I automatically head to the refrigerator for fruit or yogurt, instead of my old stand-by, cheese and crackers. That said, I’m not perfect and do give in to tasty temptations from time to time.

One day this week, I met my husband out for lunch and treated ourselves to eggrolls and a Chinese buffet. So good at the time, but by the afternoon I felt tired, sluggish, and irritable. I was continuously thirsty all afternoon and that night for dinner, I found myself reaching for a second helping of roasted veggies even before I had finished my chicken. I think my body was trying to work overtime to get the “bad” out of my system and replace it with “good”.

This is a prime example of how I have begun to actually feelthe truth in the saying “you are what you eat.” I’ve found that days when I have lots of carbs, or nights when I have an extra glass of wine, I don’t feel 100% the next morning. And conversely, on days when I eat really well, I have a much easier time getting out of bed and don’t find myself reaching for a cup of coffee in the afternoon. On these days I’m also much more productive around the house and motivated to workout. Bonus!

As we’re winding down into the last weeks of Body Back, I’ve been more reflective and introspective on my personal progress and it’s been fun noticing differences in how I feel and how my body is responding. Can’t wait to see what the last couple of weeks have in store!


And an extra shout-out this week goes to Gretchen for creating a fun Royal Wedding themed workout for us on Thursday! We got a great workout in, all while practicing our curtsies, running from the paparazzi, and sporting sparkly tiaras. Cheers!