You are a role model

Take a minute to think....what habits do you want your children to have? Chances are they are all good habits, nobody intentionally wants bad habits.

For me, I want my children to enjoy being active, choose healthy foods more than not and not be addicted to screens.

I have a struggle myself with two out of three of those. Exercise, check. No problem there. I love that my 3 year old asks me to do planks and squat jumps with her. She sees me modeling these things and thinks they are a regular part of life and fun. Between stroller strides classes, runs and playing tennis and my husband very active as well physical activity is a regular part of our daily lives and I feel we have set good examples there.

Unfortunately, my daughter has picked up another habit of mine, which is not that great. She LOVES Starbucks. We drive by one and she begs me for a vanilla milk. I did that to her. I love Starbucks too. I need to cut back on the unhealthy calories. The same goes for everything else I eat, healthy or unhealthy. The way that we talk about food to our children will shape the way they think about it. Use sweets as a reward (yep, gulity here) they will learn to use that as a reward for themselves. How about using an apple to reward or you going outside to play with them an extra 10 minutes? You may laugh but it is all in how you frame it.

Lastly, I am way to plugged in. I don't watch a lot of TV but sadly my smartphone is always close by and so is my laptop. I need to set better boundaries so my kids don't always see technology on in the house. I recently read that when adults are using technology they are easier to anger at their children because they don't want to be 'bothered'. Guilty here too. I do work at home so I need technology access, but I don't need it all day.

In the most recent podcast of Motivating Mom by Lisa Druxman (the founder of FIT4MOM) she checks in on the goals you set this year. She states that if you set goals to high you will most likely not succeed. A small change, making a better choice by even just a little bit, will help you reach your goals.

It really got me thinking, what is one thing I could do better each day to set a better example for your children and the two out of three things mentioned above is where I plan to start.

What example are you setting for your children? Those eyes are watching and soaking it all in from a very young age. If we want to raise healthy children it starts with us.

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