Tips for getting out the door and into Stroller Strides

Lets face it, getting out the door when you have kids is not an easy task. If you are struggling to make it to Stroller Strides in the morning here are a few easy tips to try and get you there:

  • Sign up for all your classes for the week on Sunday night, this way you have a mental edge that you ARE going to make it!
  • Make class an important date with yourself, your health and with your child. If you up the priority of class in your mind.
  • Pack the diaper bag with all the necessities the night before-don't forget a few toys for the kids to play with if old enough.
  • Set out your workout clothes and shoes the night before.
  • Set out your kids clothes and shoes the night before too.
  • If your kids are somewhat predictable get up a little earlier than them. It always takes longer to fix breakfast or get yourself ready when you are trying to take care of the little ones too.

Did you know that it takes three weeks for something to become a habit? Three weeks can seem like an eternity in the life of a sleep-deprived or crazy busy mom but with these tips and a little bit of repetition getting to class will become easier each time.

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