"The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up"

You have probably heard of this book before and maybe even read it and implemented the ideas. I read it fast and jumped on the Kon Mari bandwagon. I thought I would report how it's going, 9 months or so later.

If you are not familiar with the book, it is for decluttering and organizing your home. I have way to much stuff, and it just keeps coming. We started with clothing like the book suggests. I took out clothes by category, because taking it ALL out was too much stuff that I couldn't deal with it. I started with shirts and then broke it down into cotton t-shirts, athletic tanks, other tanks etc...

Per way of the book I put them all in one pile, it is supposed to help you see how much stuff you have! It worked.


My shirts :(

Then you pick up each item and asks if it 'sparks joy'. I ended up getting rid of a lot. The book also speaks to the psychology of keeping things and tells you to thank your item for it's service and the memories then get rid of it. If you feel guilty because you spent money on a top and don't wear it, but it was $100 so you can't get rid of can thank it for teaching you that it's not your style and send it away.

Next up is putting items in your drawers and closets. My drawers before was a mess of square folded items and I couldn't get to the items on the bottom without messing up the ones on top. In the book you fold your items in a particular way so that they stand on their side. Each item has it's own sweet spot if you will. My favorite part was about how your socks shouldn't be balled up, guilty! Folding them together helps them rest!


Kon Mari After

In the process of drawer arranging, folding.

I set off to kon mari my drawers, 9 months later my drawers are still organized, way longer then I've ever kept a drawer organized in my life. Now, I did move things around a bit from drawer to drawer until I found the perfect combo of space and accompanying items.

I did this for my closet too, I used her method for my hanging items and the items that are on the shelves in my closet.

Next we went to books in our house, I piled through old textbooks, chances are I will use modern technology to look up any info I need in those textbooks. I set on to paperwork and that is where I sort of got halted.

I am looking to pick back up with toys this spring, now that my little one is done with some of the baby toys I can get rid of them and even my daughter told me of a couple (very few!) toys that don't bring her joy, it was true, they were ones she never played with!

Cleaning out the clutter in our lives is one way for us to feel less overwhelm! I really like the Kon Mari method and it is an easy read! Have you used it, what did you think?

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