Suggestions for keeping cool

These suggestions are adapted from the FIT4MOM Chicago Blog:

  • Don't forget your hats and sunscreen for both you and your little one
  • Water, water and more water! Bring one bottle for your stroller to drink during class and one to keep in the car (not plastic!) to sip on your way home
  • Don't over dress the little ones- remember that they are all warm and snug in the stroller or infant carrier already. Don't place a blanket over the infant carrier, it traps the heat and doesn't allow for air movement.
  • To keep babies and tots cool in the stroller or infant carrier, you can use soft ice packs (available at Dicks or Sports Authority) and wrap it in a light towel and place it behind their back. You can also freeze water overnight in a water bottle- be sure to leave some extra room at the top for expansion- and then place it in a sock and set it next to them in the stroller or older kiddo's can have fun playing with it. Bonus, you can drink the water on your way home!
  • Clip on fans
  • Spray bottles- you can buy inexpensive spray bottles at Targetor Walgreens to fill with water for a fun spray break between stations! Some even have fans attached to them.
  • Squirt guns- enough said :)
  • Cooling towels- you get it wet and then it can wipe off with it during class and it gets cooler. I also just saw them at Costco in a two pack- one for you, one for your little one!
  • And finally, don't forget to check our Facebook page If there is ever a heat advisory at class time predicted for class time we will cancel class for safety!

What's your favorite trick to keeping cool during class? Please share if you have any other ideas! Have a great summer everyone!

Adapted from this blog post.

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