Stephanie's Journey: Week 7

So far I am seven weeks into the Body Back program and have one week to go. I keep surprising myself every week. I did not expect myself to be the person who would choose a salad over a burger or wake up early on the weekend to go running. I am so glad that I am, though. I have seen a transformation in my exercise routine, my diet, my body and my energy level. I am looking forward to running more races this summer, not necessarily because I have developed a love for running, but because I want to see growth in my progress.

This week I wore shorts, as opposed to pants or capris, to exercise and I really felt no differently than I normally do. I was able to confidently go about the routine without worrying what I felt or looked like, or pulling my clothes this way or that out of nervous habit. Thankfully this is just in time for the summer heat to start rolling in!

More important than the smaller numbers I am seeing on the scale each week are the feelings of confidence and strength which continue to grow within me. I am realizing more and more that I am capable of leading a healthy lifestyle, and making my body feel great and work hard. I think that Body Back is benefitting my children enormously as well. This program is helping me to lay a foundation of healthy examples for my children starting at a young age. My daughter asks me when I get home, “How your workout class, Mama?” How huge is it that she is seeing me make positive changes for myself?! While I knew before what it meant to eat healthfully and exercise, I did not properly incorporate them into my everyday life. I now feel more satisfied eating a plate full of color and nutrition rather than something “yellow” and fried.

If you are wondering how I have exuded so much positivity throughout this blog-writing process, I can guarantee you that it’s not fabricated. Of course, I have had setbacks along the way and made less than perfect food choices from time to time. This is part of the learning process, though. I am learning to balance my diet because we all know that life is not perfect and does not fit into a perfectly packed nutritious lunch box each and every day. We are all going to have the last minute night out, the graduation parties, the family cookouts, etc. This doesn’t mean that everything has to get thrown off track. I am able to choose small amounts of indulgent foods and still stay on track by making friends with the veggie tray. Whitey’s is still a great treat in our house but we don’t frequent quite as much.

To keep my exercise schedule on target, I write down my exercise times on the calendar. I feel less likely to miss a workout if I have it written down. My stamina to get through the workout depends much more on mental strength that I anticipated. I find myself formulating mini-goals throughout a workout to get through it more easily. I tell myself to pick up the pace just until the next block, then to the fire hydrant, and then up to that tree on the left. Having these shorter goals makes running five miles less daunting.

I have grown just as much in mental strength, if not more than in physical strength. I can’t wait to see what this week’s evaluation results will be. I look forward to comparing to my stats from week one. I can say with strong confidence that the changes I’ve felt will parallel the changes on paper. Here’s to finishing the last week strong and going into session two prepared for success!

Song of the week: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nvlTJrNJ5lA

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