Stephanie's Journey: Week 6

Alright, any Bachelor/Bachelorette fans out there? C’mon, don’t be ashamed. If it’s not that show, I know you have your own guilty pleasure. Well I held the viewing party at my house this time around, and the ladies came prepared with food and drinks. I put together a fruit and cheese tray while others showed up with veggie dip, mini stuffed peppers, chocolate cake, and margaritas and wine. I skipped dinner because I knew this night would be chock full of all kinds of tasty. And of course while I ogled Aaron Rodgers’s little brother and filled out my bracket I treated myself to chocolate cake, because yum.

The next morning at Stroller Strides I could feel a difference in my body’s operation because of the night’s indulgences. I was slow, fatigued and generally pretty miserable. For lunch later that day I craved a big plate of fuel-filled veggies. Wait, did I really just type that sentence? This really is how my mind is shifting. My body knows that foods full of nutrients are going to help me perform better, whether it’s during exercise or not.

I feel satisfied and powerful on the days when I incorporate lots of veggies into my meals. On indulgent days like the Bachelorette night I can really feel the difference and I know I’m setting myself back a bit in my progress. I am continuing to learn so much about general healthy eating and about myself with each passing week.

My husband and I were discussing Body Back with some of our friends and he happened to mention a fitness blog that he follows. He cited a line that really stuck with me. When a man was asked how he lost a significant amount of weight he responded with "I didn't lose 200 pounds, I lost 1 pound 200 times." He describes his weight loss journey not as daunting but rather feasible because he focused on one more pound and the next pound after that. Talk about inspirational! Read more about it at

I need to remember this mindset as I continue my journey, because my journey does not end with this eight-week session. I went into this session thinking it would be my only one. I thought I would have a handle on the meals and workouts and that I could manage myself post-Body Back just fine. The reality is, I have come to rely on the private Facebook group for support and accountability, and the workouts to get a good sweat and some alone time! There are countless benefits to this program that led me to signing up for the next eight-week summer session. I encourage other mamas to join me, and as an added bonus you get a discount for signing up before June 1st. (I promise this is not a plug, just encouragement from someone who has seen amazing results!)

Here’s to learning more, seeing more results and being even stronger next week! Happy Memorial Day to all my friends!

This week’s song embodies the hot, sweaty outdoor workouts as well as my attitude:

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