Stephanie's Journey: Week 3

Endurance! My body is reacquainting itself with that concept at long last. Shortly after last week's blog was published, I ran farther than I have in about ten years. Four miles may not seem like much to some, but in my book that was quite the accomplishment! My runs are becoming faster and longer as I continue to put good fuel in my body. This isn't to say I haven't caved to a few cravings along the way, but overall my eating habits have drastically changed for the better.

It's not only my habits that are changing. My family's habits are shifting, too! You know you're doing something right in the nutrition department of motherhood when your two year old asks for broccoli during lunch. My husband, who dines out almost daily for work, has ordered salads consistently and noticed big strides at the gym as well.

My confidence level is higher now than before I became a mom. Although my body isn't back to what it looked like then, I am prouder of it now. My body made life possible for two other people and can still stand to hold a mean plank or get me through a long run. Looking in the mirror now feels empowering rather than dreadful as I think about what I can and will do in this body.

For those of you who have been following my journey, you know my family and I recently moved to a new house. While unpacking, I made my way to the dreaded box labeled "Steph's jeans." Part of me wanted to put the box in the basement and not look at it for a very long time. However, a feeling came upon me to take out a few pairs just to see what I was up against. I am here to tell you that not only did several of those jeans come up over my hips without resistance, but they zipped and looked decent, too! I entered this endeavor thinking it would be a great way to feel better in my own body and to have some time to myself. Thus far, it has given me that and then some.

Body Back is giving me the tools to get my physical self, as well as my mental self, to a healthy place. I have far more mental stamina to complete workouts, and my self-perception is reaching a healthier and happier state. I look forward to what the coming weeks bring. For now, I've gotta run, literally! I'm off to my first 5K! Happy Mother's Day, mamas! Do something great for yourself today.

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