Stephanie's Journey: Week 2

Another week in, and I am feeling great. Before Body Back, I didn’t dedicate very much thought to how my body felt after eating certain foods. Specifically, I didn’t focus on how little energy I had after eating foods with little nutritional value. It’s amazing how energized I feel after putting good, real foods into my body. I am starting to see a shift in my relationship with food. I caught myself on several occasions this week choosing foods based on the energy level they would provide. Seeing food as energy rather than a stress-reliever or cure for boredom is huge for me, and I hope this continues.

I had a great week nutritionally, despite the fact that the grocery store is the most tempting place ever. I can’t say enough about meal planning. With two small kids to tend to all day, planned meals and snacks are essential to having success with proper nutrition. On Sunday I wrote out my breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks and next to those my grocery list. Surprisingly enough I didn’t stray from the ingredient list aside from separate healthy snacks for my daughter. I avoided the tactfully placed desserts or snacks that my old self would have added to the cart! Small win!

Another reason this has been such a smooth process so far is because the other BB mamas and I have been meal swapping. We prep enough of one meal for everyone and share at class. Then healthy dinners are covered for the week, which is a huge help!

I must admit that Saturday evening we were at my nephew’s birthday party at which I indulged in pizza. I limited myself to two square slices and loaded up the other half of my plate with salad. Another surprise – I wasn’t tempted by the cake and ice cream. I did, however, reach for cookies with my cup of coffee. It’s all about balance? Getting there.

Body Back is definitely teaching me that making better choices overall is the most important thing. There are going to be situations in which I won’t have the greatest of options in front of me, but I can still make the best of it. I don’t have to throw away a whole day just because of a birthday party. On the other hand, putting great options in front of me at home ensures that I will be fueling my body properly. Moving to a new house has served me well in this respect, because our fridge and pantry are now stocked with fuel foods.

Now let me tell you, the Body Back workouts are amazing! I leave them sore, exhausted and feeling accomplished. Since starting Stroller Strides, I am so used to having my kids in tow and having to cater to their every pacifier, snack or blanky need that arises. During Body Back I can focus on myself and ONLY myself for that hour. And by the way, I don’t think I’ve mentioned yet that we wrap every class with meditation. Yes, I am the mother to two small kids and I have time for meditation! Our instructor has this heavenly spray for us to enjoy while we focus on visualizing positive changes.

My last thought for the week pertains to my shoes. I got new shoes on Wednesday, and wow, what a difference! Just in time for our Mother’s Day 5K next week! When the store clerk heard me say that I didn’t like how the new shoes felt, he said it was probably because I hadn’t gotten new shoes in two years! How could I have waited this long?! Self-care is so important, and is finally working its way up on my priority list a little at a time.

My song this week reflects my attitude that things will happen in small steps. It’s all about the small changes that ultimately change the big picture. Song of the week:

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