Stephanie's Journey: Week 1

Change was the name of the game this week. Sunday and Monday were our moving and closing days. My husband had to be out of town for work, my daughter transitioned into a toddler bed (and fell out night one…oops!) and my son started eating purees. Top off all of that with the unpacking of all of our possessions, and you could say our house is a bustling place right about now!

Monday night’s Body Back class was dedicated to our initial assessments. Photos were taken, bodies were measured and physical assessments were completed. In eight weeks my Body Back comrades and I will repeat them to measure our progress. I felt pretty good about my assessments despite sleeping only two hours the night before and moving boxes all day. My 5K training group had definitely prepared me for the running portion of assessments while Stroller Strides helped with the cardio and strength exercises. I realized I needed to amp up my goal for my plank time, because I had nearly met my goal already! Mom strong!

Unfortunately I over-worked and under-slept this week, which led to being sick and missing Body Back on Thursday evening. The moral of that story is I need to remember to take care of myself, or everything crumbles!

On a positive note, I did really well with my meals. We ate out quite a few times over the course of the last week since we had limited kitchen access, but I have to say I made great choices in doing so. For example, instead of going for a breaded chicken sandwich with fries, I enjoyed a grilled chicken sandwich, only ate half the bun and added broccoli for a side. When eating Mexican food I ordered a bowl of beans, meat and veggies and nixed my usual sour cream and cheese add-ons. While no specific meal planning took place this week, the grocery store yielded good results as well.

I am dedicating time this weekend to pick out meals for the week and make grocery lists accordingly. Since nutrition is my weak spot, I know I have to carve out time to be prepared in advance.

I must say while this was one of the more stressful weeks of my life, I still feel that my Body Back goals are attainable. I have seven more weeks to make this count and fully intend to do so.

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