Stephanie's journey: Intro Week

“I don’t have time.”

This statement played on repeat in my mind when trying to decide whether I was going to participate in the spring session of Fit4Mom’s Body Back. It rings especially true right now considering I am Mom to a two-year-old who is mastering potty training and a five-month-old who nurses every two hours and wakes three times per night. Oh, and we're moving. This weekend! Lately I have spent my limited free time packing, organizing, list-making, you name it, in preparation for our move. How am I supposed to fit in meal planning or extra workouts? The laundry list of reasons why not to join Body Back could go on and on.

I am coming to the realization that it’s not about having time but rather making time. We had our intro class this week as a guide for what to expect in the upcoming session, and I am SO glad I made the commitment to participate. The group is extremely supportive and every other mom is a Body Back veteran, so I will have the opportunity to steal tricks and tips from them.

During our intro class we had to reveal why we were there. I knew I wanted to mention dedicating time to my own health and happiness. As we went around the circle, the thought popped in my mind that I had dedicated my body over the last three years to two other people. It is about time that I start to set some time aside for the betterment of myself, because as the saying goes – “If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!”

I think my biggest struggle will be nutrition. I have set a goal to write out meal plans ahead of time and designate times to grocery shop so that I’m not scrambling and caving in to whatever is around. The plus side is that since we are moving, our pantry will be a clean slate. I know my trouble times will be snacking before bed. Nursing = always hungry! Therefore, keeping healthy options at hand will help.

At this point I am all systems go. I am eager, a little anxious, but most importantly I am confident that this program is conquerable. Although the list of reasons against Body Back is a mile long, the reason I said yes has shattered every one of those. It is time to say yes to myself!

Every week I’d like to share a link to a song to recap my feelings throughout the week. In light of the exquisite weather we’ve been having and the sunny, now-or-never outlook I have for the next eight weeks, I give you the first song:


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