Step out of your comfort zone

This past weekend a group of us participated in the I AM STRONG Mudventure run to benefit Junior League. Some had participated last year, but mostly our group was made up of first timers. Let me tell you, this was out of the comfort zone for many. For starters, it's a 5K on trails, through grass and mud and then throw in the 22 obstacles like monkey bars, mudpits, creeks, walls and the over/under, it was a great challenge. Not in the comfort zone of many, for sure.


Every day we are presented with choices. The easy route is to make the same choice that you do everyday. If you keep making the same choice everyday, nothing will change, you will feel the same way you did the day before. My challenge to you is to choose something that is out of your comfort zone for just one choice each day or even once a week. It will add up. What that is to you may be different than that of someone else. For me it was attempting the monkey bars with a mud pit underneath, I could have easily gone around but I wanted to choose the challenge.

A Mom told me last week that she was so happy she came to a Stroller Strides class and that it was out of her comfort zone to attend. I am happy that Mom mad that choice and that she will return.

Maybe the choice for you is to try our Body Back program? Maybe it's to sign up for the race you've been scared to attempt or maybe it's choosing egg whites and spinach for breakfast instead of the chocolate chip muffin. A choice to step out of your comfort zone is a choice that could change you, one choice at a time.


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