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September Mom of the Month

We are highlighting an awesome Mom on our blog today, Katie S. Katie has attended Stroller Strides, Stroller Barre, Fit4Baby and our running group! Katie is such an uplifting, positive member to our group and she is so inspiring as she travels 45ish minutes to attend classes!! We asked Katie to share a bit more about herself!

1) Where are you from? Cedar Rapids, Iowa

2) How many kids do you have? Henry - 3 years old; Baby Boy due on 9/27!

3) How long have you been participating in FIT4MOM programs? Started in July 2015.... 2+ years

4) What was the greatest thing about the 5K training program you did? Bringing a regular running routine back into my life! Being the daughter of a track & cross-country coach, I've been running all my life and always enjoyed it. As mom-life ramped up, by running became less and less frequent. Starting the 5K program helped remind me how peaceful and rejuvenating it is to go on a run with just myself... no stroller, no music... just the sounds of nature and my footsteps.

5) What motivates you to exercise? Friends and family. Knowing that I am my best and happiest self when I exercise, helps me be the very best wife, mother, and friend when I stay active. I also love finding ways to exercise that don't necessarily feel like exercise. Our family loves the outdoors, we spend a lot of time hiking, kayaking/canoeing, skiing, sledding, or just running around the yard chasing our chickens!

6) What is your favorite thing about FIT4MOM? That it's not just a workout group, but a total mind/body/soul organization. I feel so much better after leaving a FIT4MOM class... my body is energized after a workout, my mind is at ease after talking to other moms, and my soul feels fed with all the positivity surrounding FIT4MOM, as well as knowing that I've done something truly good for my own health.

7) What is your favorite thing to do for yourself, in your Mom-ME time? Sitting outside in my backyard (as far away from the house as I can get!), with a good book in my lap, my dog at my feet, and a delicious cup of coffee in my hand. And maybe a snack.... definitely a snack!

8) What is one piece of advice you would give to new moms? BREATHE! No matter how overwhelmed you may feel in the moment, everything seems at least a little better after a deep breath.... or two or seven. Know that we've ALL been there, through whatever you may be experiencing, and that we've cried, cheered, and questioned ourselves all along the way. Next, pour yourself a glass of something tasty. Everything seems better while sipping a tasty beverage!

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