November Mom of the Month

I would love for you all to meet Michelle H! Michelle is a wonderful addition to our FIT4MOM family and has been involved in FIT4BABY, Stroller Strides and Body Back!

1) Where are you from?

I'm originally from Dyersville but have been in Davenport for ever ten years now.

2) How many kids do you have?

I have one son, Lawson, who turns one the first week of December.

3) How long have you been participating in FIT4MOM programs?

I joined Fit4Mom with the first Fit4Baby class when I was 34 or 35 weeks pregnant, around November of 2015!

4) What was your favorite part of FIT4BABY?

Having a chance to exercise near the end of my pregnancy and talk to other pregnancy women! I wish I could have started earlier in my pregnancy but it was definitely a great way to wrap up those last few weeks!

5) What is the best thing for you about the Body Back Program?

I like having a workout where I don't have to worry about a fussing baby. (The downside is I miss bedtime for Lawson but it's good for Dad!)

6) What motivates you to exercise?

I've always been somebody who dives in to a workout program and then stops after a month (or less). I joined Fit4Mom knowing I needed to break that trend to show a good example for my family.

7) What is your favorite thing about FIT4MOM?

I love that I'm finally enjoying an exercise program and wanting to stay with it. Fit4Mom has been a great chance to make some mom-friends and for Lawson to make some new friends too!

8) What is your favorite thing to do for yourself, in your Mom-ME time?

I love to bake! I used to decorate and sell sugar cookies almost every week. When I got pregnant I kind of put that off to the side to make some baby items for the nursery. I'm finally getting back into it and remembering how much I love it.

9) What is one piece of advice you would give to new moms?

There's no one right way to do things! I hesitate to give advice on things that have gone well for me and my son because I don't want people to think they're doing something wrong if it doesn't work for them. We all have to find what works for us!

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