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July Mom of the Month

I am so happy to introduce you to our July M.O.M.! Megan L. has been a part of so many FIT4MOM programs over the last year! She has done running groups, a regular evening Stroller Strides attendee and is in her 2nd Body Back Session!! Megan was also our Spring Body Back biggest winner, wohooo!!

Lets find out a bit more about Megan:

) Where are you from? Davenport

2) How many kids do you have? One daughter, Nora, who is 2.

3) How long have you been participating in FIT4MOM programs? A little over a year, since March 2016.

4) What is the best thing for you about Body Back? I enjoyed having a scheduled time to work out.

5) What was the greatest thing about the 5K training program you did? The support of other moms in the Facebook group and during group runs. I love running the 5K race at the end together too!

6) What motivates you to exercise? All the benefits- stress relief, better sleep, and endorphins!

7) What is your favorite thing about FIT4MOM? One of my favorite things is that I can bring my daughter to class. I don't have to find a sitter and I can set a good example for her at the same time. I love watching her "play" Stroller Strides at home with her baby dolls.

8) What is your favorite thing to do for yourself, in your Mom-ME time? Binge watch Netflix shows.

9) What is one piece of advice you would give to new moms? Trust your instincts! No one knows your baby better than you!

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