BIGGEST WINNER!! Body Back Winter Session

This winter's body back session was nothing short of amazing! We had 6 very hardworking women accomplish some major goals, that is a whole other blog post though! I am here to tell you about one of these women, one that had amazing results and put in some awesome effort!!

Kelly K. is this session's biggest winner! I asked her some questions about her body back experience:

Introduce yourself and who you area a mom to: Hello! I'm Kelly and a mom to Kaden (3).

What motivated you to sign up for body back? I had been wanting to get into a better workout routine but just had trouble finding the "time" to do it in my schedule so I thought body back would be a great opportunity for obtaining this goal. My motivation for signing up for body back was to get into this routine and that it would start small, with a minimum of two hours of commitment at class each week. Anything extra I did on my own would be extra.

What is the biggest lifestyle change you have made since starting body back? My husband and I have started cooking more at home rather than going out to eat or picking something up on the way home from work which has been a plus for our own health and our wallet. We have also tried recipes that I probably wouldn't have made on my own if just looking through a cookbook.

What is the biggest change you've seen in yourself? I think the biggest change I saw in myself is just feeling more comfortable in my clothing and feeling better overall with healthier eating.

What was your favorite part of the program? I can't lie about this one - I enjoyed working out without Kaden who is constantly asking for more snacks at stroller strides! However, the group of women that were in the class were also really great and I would say that their friendships and support through the program were amazing as well!

If someone were on the fence about taking a body back session what would you tell to someone? Go for it! I wasn't exactly sure what I was getting into but it turned out to be just the thing I needed to jumpstart a workout routine for me. It seems like a large commitment in the beginning but I couldn't believe how fast the 8 weeks went.

Kelly also gave me the ok to share her results:

Weight Lost: 4.6% of her body weight at 9.8lbs

Inches Lost: 17.5!!!

Some of her biggest fitness gains: Push ups went from 16 to 29!!! Her side plank time increased by over a minute and prone plank by over half a minute!!

I could go on an on about all her accomplishments but sometimes a photo speaks volumes! Check out her before and after!


Kelly, hats off to you! You are an inspiration and congratulations on your hard work and results!

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