August Mom of the Month

Hello! It's been a bit quiet around here lately, I hope you are enjoying your summer as much as we are at FIT4MOM! After a summer hiatus we are bringing back our M.O.M.!

I want to introduce you to Amanda! Amanda and her son, Will brighten any Stroller Strides Class. She has also completed our 5K training program and is about to enter our next Body Back session. In addition she has volunteered her talent as a photographer to provide us with our Mother's Day Mommy and Me photos! We asked Amanda our M.O.M. questions so we can all learn a bit more about her!

1) Where are you from? Born and raised in Moline!

2) How many kids do you have? One, Will who is 1

3) How long have you been participating in FIT4MOM programs? I have been a member since November 2015

4) What is the best thing for you about the running program? It helped motivate me to get moving again! I stopped running about 5 months into my pregnancy and never got back into it until I joined the running group. I re-found what I had been missing!

5) What motivates you to exercise? I want to feel good and be able to keep up with Will as he gets older. It is also a stress reliever for me.

6) What is your favorite thing about FIT4MOM? Working out is something I truly enjoy and to have a place I can bring Will and be with a group of awesome mom's, is a win win!! Our Village is truly the best and I have enjoyed meeting so many new people through class and Mom's nights out!

7) What is your favorite thing to do for yourself, in your Mom-ME time? Taking the time to learn more about photography. I learn something new, every day!

8) What is one piece of advice you would give to new moms? It's okay to ask for help! Nobody can truly do it all, so reach out to friends and family for support.

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