8 months and 1 week

FIT4MOM has it's corporate conference coming up in October and the theme is #BEYOU. So today I am being me and sharing with you what is reality for me after baby 2.

8 months and 1 week, that is today. That is how long it has taken me to feel like I am even close to being in the shape I was in prior to having my 2nd child. I can finally fit into my pre-baby jeans, dresses and most shirts and I am so happy! And guess what, I am a fitness professional who gets to be physically active most days. To all the Moms out there I say this: Be healthy, but give yourself a break! We do not have personal chefs, personal trainers, time to work out for hours on end and live in help like many of those in Hollywood.

This is my reality: I have two kids, I teach Stroller Strides classes 3-4x/week. (Just as a disclaimer Stroller Strides is a great workout but teaching isn't for the teachers workout, we are busy entertaining kids with bubbles, reading books and making sure everyone else knows whats going on...I wouldn't trade it for anything!) but often this is the only time I get to workout in a day. This is still more activity than many busy moms are able to set aside for themselves to exercise.

It seems like for my body the 7-9 month postpartum period is when the weight and inches seems to come off, has with both kids. This is also the time that I feel like I am able to get into a new rhythm of parenting. Getting my body to change has taken work. We started our Body Back program 6 weeks ago, and while I am not attending workouts I am following the meal plans provided. I did not think I was eating poorly prior to this program but changing my lifestyle (it's not a diet!) has done wonders.

8 weeks ago we added in the 5K training program. Prior to having kids I was a runner and triathlete. I struggled to find my love for running after kid 2. This definitely helped me find my way and contribute to my improved postpartum fitness.

Having a child, whether your first, second, third or tenth is a huge adjustment for your body, life, emotional state and routine. Give yourself a break in your postpartum expectations and if you need some guidance ask us here at FIT4MOM Quad Cities, we would love to have you join our village!

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