During our amazing Mother's Day week I didn't have time to stop and update the blog so you get a doubly good post today!

Week 4

I can’t quite believe that we’re already half-way through Body Back! It’s been a good week to reflect on how far I’ve come in just four weeks. I honestly didn’t think that I would be seeing results this soon into the program, but I am! I’ve never been one for body measurements and weighing myself, but gauge progress on how I feel. And this week I’m starting to feel great! I have quite a bit more energy and my clothes are beginning to fit better. I’m finally feeling more comfortable in my post-baby body!

This week has also shown me that working out is fun again! I used to have so much fun working out. I was a dancer growing up, an athlete in high school and joined the rowing team in college. I enjoyed each of those active stages in my life where working out and getting stronger was just a regular part of my day. Even while I was pregnant, I felt strong and alive. I couldn’t workout at quite the same level, but...


This week I really feel like I’m getting into the groove. Nutritious options are finding their way onto my plate more automatically and workouts seem to fit into my daily schedule more easily. I’ve also noticed that I’m having less conversations in my head about what to eat vs. what not to eat, and whether or not I want to get moving and be active. My healthy routine is becoming more established.

I’ve always been a pretty healthy person when it comes to meals, yet snacking is where my good intentions run astray. Having a new baby and a busy three-year-old at home, I found myself eating whatever was on-hand, whenever I got the chance. And these on-hand snacks were pre-packaged goodies suited for a three-year-old’s palate. I was telling myself that since I was nursing I needed the extra calories, but really it was an excuse to be lazy. Since I’ve started Body Back, I’ve coached myself to think before I reach for a snack, asking myself “is this the best option available?” Now I’ve gotten into the routine of prepping fresh fruits and veggies ahead of time so they are...


This week was a battle between distraction and discipline. I knew going into the week, it was going to be a struggle. There were a lot of moving parts to coordinate with travel, activities, and commitments. In the past, I would have always put myself on the bottom of the list – working out only if I “had time” and eating right when it was convenient. This week I was up to the challenge not to give into the distractions and stay disciplined!

I live a good 40-minute drive from the Quad Cities, so anytime we head into “the cities” I try to plan as many appointments, activities, and shopping errands together to make the most of the trip. Knowing I’m going to be away from the house for many hours at a time, it’s always a struggle to balance meals and snacking while on the go. Well, this week I made the drive on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday AND Friday! I did really well on Monday andWednesday, prepping the night before, gathering kid snacks, mom snacks, water bottles, coffee mugs, juice boxes, diaper bags, workout gear and changes of clothing for everyone. I also planned...


I would like to introduce you to our April M.O.M., Erica! Erica and her daughter our in regular attendance at out Stroller Based classes and we hope you get to know her a little more today!

1) Where are you from? I'm originally from Iowa City, and have lived in Davenport for 7 years.

2) How many kids do you have? One. A daughter, Skye, who is almost 3.

3) How long have you been participating in FIT4MOM programs? Since August 2016

4) What motivates you to exercise? I am motivated by how I feel after I do a hard workout. I am a much better wife and mother when I get regular exercise! Also, as Skye has gotten older I have seen her mimic the exercises and stretches we do in class, and I love knowing that I am providing a healthy example for her.

5) What is your favorite thing about FIT4MOM? Being able to make friends for myself, Skye and exercise all in one place. How awesome is that?!

6) What is your favorite thing to do for yourself, in your Mom-ME time? I love taking long baths with epsom salt and lavender.

7) What is one piece of...


Walking into class on Monday, the room was filled with a nervous excitement. It was assessment night. I was not looking forward to getting weighed and measured, but I was excited knowing that any improvement I made throughout this process could be pointed back to this night. What I was really looking forward to were those smaller numbers and (hopefully) more toned "after" photographs!

In order to capture a full picture of our "before" selves, we also completed various timed exercises to get a baseline for our physical abilities, such as the number of push-ups completed in a minute and how long you can hold a plank. We counted for ourselves and recorded our own numbers, so my anxiety about trying to complete with my neighbor quickly disappeared. The only true competitive feeling that lingered was that of competing with my future self. This was a competition that I planned on winning.

This positive feeling flowed into our first full workout class on Thursday. First of all, we were outside! Gretchen could have had us run wind-sprints for the next 59 minutes and...


Over the next 8 weeks I am excited to have Katie share her Body Back journey with us! Katie is a long time stroller strides member and first time Body Backer! If you would like to learn more about Katie, check out her M.O.M. blog post!

If you aren't familiar with body back it is our no kids, 8 week, High Intensity Interval Training Program. We provide nutrition guides, recipe books, a closed support group, at home digital workouts to supplement our twice weekly in person workouts with a trained instructor!

The first meeting we do a meet and greet and go over the above guides and also set goals for the 8 weeks!

Below is what Katie had to say about that first week and getting geared up for Body Back!


This winter's body back session was nothing short of amazing! We had 6 very hardworking women accomplish some major goals, that is a whole other blog post though! I am here to tell you about one of these women, one that had amazing results and put in some awesome effort!!

Kelly K. is this session's biggest winner! I asked her some questions about her body back experience:

Introduce yourself and who you area a mom to: Hello! I'm Kelly and a mom to Kaden (3).

What motivated you to sign up for body back? I had been wanting to get into a better workout routine but just had trouble finding the "time" to do it in my schedule so I thought body back would be a great opportunity for obtaining this goal. My motivation for signing up for body back was to get into this routine and that it would start small, with a minimum of two hours of commitment at class each week. Anything extra I did on my own would be extra.

What is the biggest lifestyle change you have made since starting body back? My husband and I have started cooking more at home rather than...


I can't wait to introduce you to our Mom of the Month! Kaity K. Kaity is such a loyal member, she was even the winner of our 12 days of fitness contest by attending more than 12 classes in the busy Month of December! Let's get to know Kaity!

1) Where are you from?

La Grange Park, IL which is a suburb of Chicago.

2) How many kids do you have?

1, William is 17 months old

3) How long have you been participating in FIT4MOM programs?

A little over a year

4) What motivates you to exercise?

The way it makes me feel afterwards...happier, more energized, and stronger.

5) What is your favorite thing about FIT4MOM?

Being around so many amazing women! And it's something Will and I both truly look forward to. When I ask him if he wants to go see his buddies at Stroller Strides he usually signs "please" and brings me his shoes. How could you not love that?

6) What is your favorite thing to do for yourself, in your Mom-ME time?

A nice long bath with a good book and a cup of tea. Or wine. Some days definitely...


Hey! It's #membermonday and I want to share a bit more about our October M.O.M., Jordan! Jordan has been a FIT4MOM member for a relatively short time and has already experienced all of the programs we offer: Stroller Strides and Barre, Body Back and Run Club! She was recently on one of our QC Marathon relay teams! I love that Jordan has found a way to put herself first by getting in exercise, either with or without her sweet babe in tow! She also works full time as a nurse!

Learn a bit more about Jordan:

1) Where are you from? Born in Omaha, NE but grew up in Long Grove, IA

2) How many kids do you have? One - Nora is 8 months old

3) How long have you been participating in FIT4MOM programs? I have been participating in Fit4Mom programs since Nora was 6 weeks old. I started with the Stroller Strides maternity class pass and quickly followed with the 5K training program.

4) What was the greatest thing about the 5K training program you did? For me, the greatest thing about the 5K training program was the support. I loved having...

Katie S. MOM.jpg

We are highlighting an awesome Mom on our blog today, Katie S. Katie has attended Stroller Strides, Stroller Barre, Fit4Baby and our running group! Katie is such an uplifting, positive member to our group and she is so inspiring as she travels 45ish minutes to attend classes!! We asked Katie to share a bit more about herself!

1) Where are you from? Cedar Rapids, Iowa

2) How many kids do you have? Henry - 3 years old; Baby Boy due on 9/27!

3) How long have you been participating in FIT4MOM programs? Started in July 2015.... 2+ years

4) What was the greatest thing about the 5K training program you did? Bringing a regular running routine back into my life! Being the daughter of a track & cross-country coach, I've been running all my life and always enjoyed it. As mom-life ramped up, by running became less and less frequent. Starting the 5K program helped remind me how peaceful and rejuvenating it is to go on a run with just myself... no stroller, no music... just the sounds of nature and my footsteps.

5) What motivates you to exercise?...


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